Surf Goggles vs. Surf Sunglasses? Which is Best?

Surf Goggles are safe, functional, designed for surfing, flexible on impact and float.  Most Surf sunglasses are rigid and can lacerate and cause injury on impact, they don’t float and offer hard lenses that can dislodge in a wipeout.

  • Kurtis Surf Goggles were designed with all aspects of action based water sports in mind
  • 100% UV, Polarized to eliminate glare, Flexible for impact safey and Float
  • Face Forming Technology for Comfort Fit
  • Fits under helmet & over hood
  • Safe, Stylish & Proven Function

Check out this video which compares Kurtis Surf Goggles to a pair of surf Sunglasses designed for surfing.

Do you want to surf in comfort or fry your eyes?
Come shout “No Fried Eyes” with Surf Goggles by Kurtis. We’re here to help.