Project Description

Sam Light

1) Why do you love kiteboarding?
I love Kiteboarding because its an amalgamation of all the sports I enjoy. Its so diverse and every session is always different, which keeps me coming back and means I never get board as its impossible to master. I really like the exploration and the constant search for that perfect location.

2) What are 3 tips every kiteboarder can focus on for improvement?
Not trying to run before you can walk, taking a step back and perfecting the basics. Having a specific trick to practice and build up to helps.
Time on the water! More than anything just getting out on the water as much as possible makes a huge difference.
Cross training, either surfing or riding cable in a closed setting with less parameters will give you a chance to practice your skills before transferring them to a kite.

3) Who trained you or influenced you?
I wouldn’t say I ever been trained as such, Ive always just rode for myself because its fun and I want to improve and further myself, and the only way is on the water! Theres too many people to mention who have influenced me, I try to learn something from everyone I meet.

4) Outside of kiting, what can people do to improve? What does your cross-training, nutrition, mindset look like?
I’ve always struggled to do exercise thats not fun, Ive never really been to the gym much in my life, but Im always exercising whether its, wakeboarding, skateboarding, trampolining, swimming, golfing, sailing. Recently however I have joined the gym because I was to get even fitter, as there are times of downtime at home when keeping my fitness up will keep me on my game ready for the next session/trip. I always try and eat healthy, they say you are what you eat right!?

5) If you had to train an average kitesurfer for 4 weeks for a kitesurfing competition and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?
This ones a tricky question, Id probably employ coaches and trainers for fitness techniques and a gym schedule/ diet schedule as they would be better than me! Depending on what type of competition it was, I would probably set up camp at the competition site, as the best way to prepare for a competition is riding every day where the competition is going to be held, so you really understand the conditions and wind. If it was a rail event I would get them riding cable all day every day.

6) What are the biggest mistakes and myths you see in kiteboarders trying to improve?
I always see Kiteboarders just riding around ‘mowing the lawn’ not trying