Project Description

KEOLA AUWAE – Surfer – Waterman

Surfing – Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii. 2004 to Present
Free surfing, SUP surfing, BB surfing, Shortboard surfing, LB surfing,
SUPSquatch surfing, alaia surfing, OC1 & OC2 surfing, SUP raceboard surfing.
Paddling – Everywhere, Oahu, Hawaii… – 2004 to Present
Outrigger 6-man canoe paddling/racing, OC1 & OC2 racing and downwind runs –
Northshore and Hawaii Kai runs, and Pokai Bay onshores, Pa’a Racing member.
Skateboarding, public skateparks, Proper Rideshop member, Home skate ramp.

_ Training, Certification, Skills, Awards

– Learned to surf & skate at 3 yrs. old – Learned to paddle at 3 yrs. old – Learned to canoe
surf & surf downwind bumps at 3 yrs. old – Learned to SUP paddle & surf at 3 and 4 yrs. old
– Paddled Hawaii Kai run with my Dad, uncle Eric, and Noland Keaulana, OC2, more than 12
times – Sup surfed many SUP competitions with Pros since I was 7 yrs. Old – Outrigger
Canoe Club member 3 years, steersman & stroker, 12 boys crew.
Rell Sunn Menehune Surfing Championships MVP award, 11/2012, Cover photo on Music CD,
8/2012, T&C Poster Boy, 2010, BOP champion, Dukes Oceanfest champion, HASA surfing
association member 3 yrs., Quiksilver Makahiki participant the last 3 yrs., Mel Pu’u Surfing
Championships participant the last 3 yrs., Buffalo Keaulana Big Board Classic, 3 yrs., China
Uemura, 2 yrs., Northshore Menehune Surfing Championships, 3rd Place.