Project Description


DOB- 1/13/2000

Hometown- Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Local spot- Juno Kite Beach

Sponsors- Kurtis Surf Goggles and F- One Kites and SUP

Favorite food- Pasta and Crab Legs

Favorite music- Reggae

Favorite movies- Transformers and IronMan

Hobbies- Kiting, SUP, Surfing, Long Boarding, Wood Working

Years riding- 6 Months

Influences/heroes- Damien Leroy, Mitu Monteiro and my Parents

Goals- To become a WORLD Champion in Kiting and to be a positive influence and mentor for


What are surfer fried eyes? Surfer fried eyes are blood shot eyes that are sore and red after a

long day on the water

Surf Googles Favorite surf goggles / bamboo sunglasses? Duke black and white / El Brophy


Accomplishments- Learning to kiteboard, kitesurf, foil and SUP all at the same time so I can

practice one of them everyday based on the weather conditions. Participated at the Miami

Master Kite Boarding event and placed 4th.