Project Description


Name & “Nick Name”: Bryce Davies

DOB: 02/21/1994

HOMETOWN: Jupiter, Fl.

LOCAL SPOT: Juno Beach

SPONSORS: Kurtis Eyewear

FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken Tacos

FAVORITE MUSIC: Reggae, Rap, Dub step

FAVORITE MOVIES: Superbad, Pineapple Express, The Hangover

HOBBIES: Skiing, Long board Skateboarding, Spearfishing, Wakeboarding

YEARS RIDING: 3 Years Kite boarding, 14 years Surfing

INFLUENCES AND/OR HEROS: Two of the major influences in my life are my parents. I grew up in a family full of surfers and windsurfers making watersports a major focus in my life. After growing up between Hawaii and Florida I found a discovered talent in competitive Kite boarding. My hero growing up is my neighbor John Modica, the first person I have ever seen kiting, when I was 12 years old. He inspired me to become skilled in strapless riding and surfing aspects of Kite boarding.

GOALS: My goals vary between travel and competition results. I practice most of my Kiting on Maui and on local spots in Florida. I would like to continue improving my Kite boarding skills at these places and reach higher achievement in competitions. My last Goal is to become a big wave surfer. After having a very humbling experience at Cloud break with up to 12-foot Hawaiian faces I realized I wanted to pursue the sport of Big wave Surfing which I hope to be doing every December on the north shore of Maui.


What are “Surfer Fried Eyes?”: Surfer Fried Eyes is one of the least enjoyable aspect of watersports. Fried eyes not only makes your eyes red but can eventually lead to cataracts, eye cancer, and many other vision problems. Always protect your eyes with Kurtis Eco-wear or Surf Goggles when exposing your eyes to light.

What would you do with 7 Million US Dollars?: I would mostly save the money and try to invest it to make more. I would give a generous amount to cancer research and charities of my choice.

Favorite Style of Kurtis Surf Goggles or Sunglasses: El Brophy Sunglasses, Makaha Surf Goggles.

Accomplishments (Contests, Travel or Life): 1st place strapless wave riding in 2009 Kite Invasion. 22nd in 2012 Naish Hawaii State Championship. VP of Kite Boarding Club at University of Miami.

Bryce Davies Surfing Cloud Break