Project Description

Name & “Nick Name”: Bill Berry “The tall guy”

DOB: December 15, 1976 (Bicentennial)


LOCAL SPOT: Grandview, Encinitas

SPONSORS: Kurtis USA & LoudMouth Clothing

FAVORITE FOOD: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

FAVORITE MUSIC: If I only get 1: Sabaton

Nirvana, Simon & Garfunkel, Disturbed, Enya, Kingston Trio, Rob Zombie, Darren Hayes, Static X, Nine Inch Nails

FAVORITE MOVIES/SHOWS: If I only get 1: Gran Torino

The Help, 300, American History X, Band of Brothers, Shawshank Redemption, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Penn & Tellers BULLSHIT, Enemy at the Gates, Silence of the Lambs, SAW, The Good the Bad & the Ugly, The Matrix

HOBBIES: Surfing, Mountain Biking, Sideshow, Comedy, Triathlon/Ironman, Through Hiking, Painting, Design… Is masturbation a hobby?


INFLUENCES AND/OR HEROS: That’s a great question, to me every wave is like going on a first date, sometimes you have perfect chemistry, sometimes you don’t get along at all… I live for those moments of perfect chemistry…

GOALS: I want to start a Bonsai garden so when I’m 80 I have a couple of amazing pieces to show off at the retirement home… I’d also like to run a 50 mile ultra marathon…

TWITTER OR FACEBOOK Link: billberryshow (same on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest)

What are “Surfer Fried Eyes?”: Fried eyes are the disease, Kurtis Goggles are the remedy.

What would you do with 7 Million US Dollars?: I’d buy a classic 21 window VW bus and convert it into an ultra sweet touring machine. Then I’d hit the road… Just go… Surf, bike, camp, Burningman, whatever/wherever…

Favorite Style of Kurtis Surf Goggles or Sunglasses: My red, white, & blue UV reactive Duke Kurtis Goggles. I’ve never made it through a day without someone asking about them, primo.

Accomplishments (Contests, Travel or Life): 5 time world champion juggler with 3 world records in sword swallowing. For the last 15 years I’ve gotten to travel the world performing and making people laugh. So far I’ve visited 67 different countries, all 50 states, and over 250 college campuses. Visit or check us out on