Project Description

Name & “Nick Name”: Artie “The One Man Party” Castro

DOB: July 1st, 1970


LOCAL SPOT: San O – Old Man’s, 4 Doors, The Point and HB Northside summer HB Southside winter

SPONSORS: Kurtis Surf Goggles & Eyewear, Quiksilver Waterman Collection, Archie’s Ice Cream, Stewart Surfboards, Shark Freestyle Watches, and Virgil’s Root Beer

FAVORITE FOOD: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich old style from Tustin Brewing Company


FAVORITE MOVIES: Back to the Future, Boogie Nights, and Big Wednesday

HOBBIES: Snowboarding and Surfing

YEARS RIDING: Snowboarding 24 years, Surfing years

INFLUENCES AND/OR HEROS: Colin McPhillips, Taylor Jensen, Kai Sallas, and Joel Tudor

GOALS: Qualify for the World Longboard Tour and then win the ASP World Longboard Title


What are “Surfer Fried Eyes?”: Surfer Fried Eyes is the worst! I want to be able to see clearly for a long time which is why I protect my eyes from the sun with Kurtis Surf Goggles while in the water and Kurtis Eyewear while out of the water.

What would you do with 7 Million US Dollars?: Continue to travel the globe snowboarding and surfing

Favorite Style of Kurtis Surf Goggles or Sunglasses: The Duke and El Brophy

Accomplishments (Contests, Travel or Life):

All ASP Longboard Qualifying Series Events, Currently ranked in the Top 10 for the 2012 season in North America. Qualified for the 2013 World Longboard Tour. Traveled to Japan, Hawaii, China, France, and all across the US snowboarding and surfing. Married to a very understanding wife and the father to two groms (Michael and Ashley)