Since 2007 we’ve spoken to thousands of surfers, kitesurfers, wake boarders, PWC and SUP surfers. We’re proud to say we saved thousands of eyes from the harsh glare, wind, surface spray and cancer causing UV rays with Kurtis Surf Goggles & Bamboo Sunglasses.

That said, we still hear from action based water athletes that have pterygiums, cataracts, corneal damage and in the worst case eye cancer far to often.  Some of these people being in their late teens and early twenties.

Three former World Surfing Champions & several WCT surfers have contacted us with eye issues ranging from pterygiums to eye cancer.  Help us save surfers eyes.

Thank you for supporting our “No Fried Eyes” movement and please tell a friend.

*These are just a handful of photos and ads created over the years.


No Fried Eyes & No Fried Earth – Kurtis Surf Goggles and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sunglasses