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See below for a list of answers to our Frequently Asked Questions


WARRANTY Kurtis Surf Goggles, Surfing Eyewear

Warranty – Kurtis Surf Goggles – Kurtis USA provides a 6 month limited warranty from the date of purchase, and requires proof of purchase, to replace or repair goggles which are deemed to have a manufactures defect by Kurtis. If product is deemed defective, we will repair or replace your surf goggles at no cost to you.  Scratched or tweaked lenses that are a result of normal use are not covered by this warranty. Additional services are available for a fee, if your Kurtis Eyewear was purchased in the last 12 months.  Kurtis will repair goggles between surf sessions for a small fee on most products, but if product stinks of poor hygiene, or the “jaws of life” are needed to save them, we’ll offer you a discount on a new pair.

We’ll try our best to make it right as we want to protect your eyes from the elements that fry your eyes every surf session and keep you stoked on Kurtis Surf Goggles.

WARRANTY for Kurtis Eco-Eyewear (100% Bamboo)

Kurtis Bamboo Eco-Eyewear is warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Kurtis reserves the right to determine manufacturing defects, and requires proof of purchase. If a product is deemed defective, we will repair or replace the item at no cost to you. Kurtis Warranty does not cover scratched lenses. Additional services are available for a fee, if your eyewear was purchased in the last 12 months, you maybe eligible for the Kurtis Upgrade Program. Please contact us at for additional information, mailing address, etc.

RETURNS and How to do Returns (Comfort Fit Guaranteed)

Note: this policy is POLICY FOR WEB ORDERS ONLY, if you purchased your Kurtis Merchandise at a local retailer, you must return your merchandise to your retailer.  If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your product(s), and the products have not been used, worn, or in any way damaged or scarred, please contact Kurtis Returns at for a return authorization number.  Once you receive your return authorization number, please return product in the original packaging along with a copy of your invoice to the address below via traceable mail.  We are so confident in our eyewear we have gone with a 100% Refund Policy (including shipping in USA). All refunds and exchanges must be received within 30 days of the original order shipping date. If desired we will refund your payment or exchange your eyewear upon return receipt of the unused / undamaged merchandise.

For products to be replaced or repaired under warranty and for products out of warranty where additional services are desired for a fee please contact Kurtis at before returning product for repair authorization number.

There is a shipping and handling charge of $9.00 for products replaced or repaired under warranty. Please include a letter concerning your claim along with a check, original receipt, your phone number, where you stay and a map to your favorite local surf spot and send via a traceable shipping method (UPS or insured mail) to Kurtis USA, LLC – 785 Quintana Road #165, Morro Bay, CA 93442. Bottom line is we want to help protect your eyes from the elements and have you STOKED on your Kurtis Eyewear.  For information on International handling charge contact Kurtis before returning product at .

For more information please contact or call us at (310)498-1994.

Customer Service and contact info:
Kurtis USA, LLC (RETURNS) – 785 Quintana Road #165, Morro Bay, CA 93442 USA


Do you have Rx or Prescription Surf Goggles & Surfing Sunglasses?

All Kurtis Surf Goggles utilize the highest quality materials and are handcrafted in the USA and designed for cool people like you.  *Only use Kurtis Surf Goggles for active water & action sports (surfing, kiteboarding, SUP, wake boarding, PWC).

It is our goal to enhance and protect your vision in all surfing conditions.

At this time we do not offer Rx Surf Goggles because the technology to create an Rx lens for our patented and proven Kurtis Surf Goggles does not exist yet.  We require flexibility in our surf goggles for safe impact that is needed for high performance surfing (waves of consequence).
That said, we have 2 options for you.

#1 If you can wear contacts, our surf goggles will offer a first line of defense against surface spray and wipe out impact that is known to flush your contacts from your eyes.  You will also get the polarization (glare protection) and 100% UV benefits.

We have a lot of contact lens wearers that enjoy wearing Kurtis Surf Goggles.

#2  If contact lenses aren’t an option for you, we’ve tested all of the surfing sunglasses styles on the market and we believe this is a nice FREE option that is as good as the other stiff frame options currently available.  They will get you in the water quickly.  All you need is an old Rx pair of glasses.

                      FREE Rx and DIY Surfing Sunglasses – How to make them for FREE

Our goal is to protect your eyes from the elements that fry them every surf session and enhance vision for all surfers.  We hope one of the above options will work for you today.

Rush Orders, Ship overseas, How Long, Pricing?

We currently ship to 45 countries around the world via USPS Priority Mail.  We average 8 Days from time of shipment to your door.  We provide tracking information and detailed customs information to expedite the process for fast and easy delivery.

We charge a flat rate price of $39 for all USPS Priority International / Insured Mail.  Our average cost is $45 to ship plus an additional $10 US administrative / customs forms and courier cost.  We cover this difference in price because we want to help protect your eyes from the glare, wind, UV rays and surface spray that fry them every surf session.  We also want you stoked on your Kurtis Eyewear.

The post office is the only one that wins with these excessive international shipping costs.  The good news is we’ve had excellent experience shipping in these 45 countries and we enjoy having a direct relationship with surfers like you that wear Kurtis.  We include a packing slip insured for a fair price, but will e-mail you your itemized sales receipt.

We get a lot of requests for 2 day mail and in some cases overnight for surfers leaving on trips or birthday gift requests.  We try our best to fill these needs.  The good news is we ship USPS Insured Priority Mail (2 day Mail) with tracking numbers that our e-mailed to you.

If you need overnight, RUSH or guaranteed 2 day mail please call us at (310)498-1994.  We have found it to be most cost effective to go with USPS Express Mail or in California GSO.  We can do next day mail if notified by phone and shipped by 10:00AM Mon through Thursday almost anywhere in the country.  An additional fee will be needed and we can charge over the phone (average $35.00).  The average costs for overnight delivery via UPS, FedEx and DHL is $75.00.

Bottom line is we’re ready when you are and hope to have you avoiding the glare and shouting “No Fried Eyes” asap.  You can order them here or place your order by phone at (310)498-1994.

Which style is best, Big head, narrow face, helmets and hoodies?

The good news is all Kurtis Surf Goggles are flexible and as such provide face forming optics and full peripheral vision, with a guaranteed comfort fit.  Our patented unisex surf goggles design also allows for a secure fit under helmets and over neoprene hoods.

If you currently like to wear small sunglasses on land then the Makaha will offer great protection and keep you in a style you currently enjoy.  If you like big shades and draw attention like a rock star then go for the Kaiser Bowls.  Full coverage and a big statement every time you paddle out.

That said, if in doubt go with the Duke Surf Goggles.  Why?  These are the most popular and proven to look good on big, small, narrow, wide, young, old, male and female faces.  They also offer a bit more coverage top to bottom then the Makaha Surf Goggles.

Bottom line is we want to help protect your eyes from the glare, wind, UV rays and surface spray that fry your eyes every session and we want you stoked on your Kurtis Eyewear.

If you are not stoked on your Kurtis Eyewear straight out of the package you can exchange them for a new style or return them for a full refund (just see Return information at the top of this page).

Soon you’ll be avoiding the glare and shouting “No Fried Eyes” with us.  When you’re ready pick your style here

The stiff frames of the other guys injured me on impact, fogged, didn’t float, spotted and sucked! I’m worried / skeptical of my Kurtis Eyewear / Surfer Goggles Purchase?

It makes our eyes sting knowing you got burned by the other guys.  Now you can feel confident our patented design and tested eyewear has been proven by world champions, pros and endorsed by physicians.  We have been tested by surfers in 45 countries and my name is on the product and so I want you protected and STOKED on your Kurtis Eyewear.

When I designed Kurtis Surf Goggles I knew stiff rigid frames would not work functionally and could cause injury upon impact in waves of consequence.  So it was all about quality, function, safety and style when we developed Kurtis Surf Goggles.  We have design and utility patents on our Surf Goggles and they were designed for surfing and above water action based sports.  These are not sunglasses that we’ve tried to make work for surfing (the other guys).

We do R&D in 52 degree cold water on a regular basis.  This cold water mixed with warm air while you paddle is a recipe for fog.  So we test our styles regularly from cold water to the tropics to guarantee we are the best eyewear choice for surfers all over the world in all surfing conditions.

Are they 100% fog and spot free?  No, but they are the best on the market for above water action sports and they are designed by surfers for surfers.  The billion dollar snow goggles market still can’t produce a no fog, spot free goggles even at $500 each. That said, we are constantly in the R&D stage and tweaking our product to be the best.  Even our custom designed H20-H8R (Water Hater) Lens Spray is improved for this year despite all ready being the best on the market for this category.  We promise to keep innovating our eyewear for you.  So subscribe to our No Fried Eyes Club and we’ll update you on our latest and greatest.

What are surfers like you saying about Kurtis Surf Goggles ( testimonials &  Media ) “These are the best and I’ve tried them all.”  Felipe Pomar – 1965 World Surfing Champion.  “Kurtis Surf Goggles are changing the face of surfing.  I wear them.”  Bob McKnight – Surfer / Founder of Quiksilver.

That said, we won’t be satisfied until you protect your eyes with Kurtis Surf Goggles and shout “No Fried Eyes” with us.  If you are not completely stoked straight out of the box then you can exchange them or return them for a refund (See return details at the top of this page).

We are ready when you are at and soon you’ll be avoiding the glare, wind, UV rays,  and surface spray that fry them every session.

How do I order custom team colors or Limited Edition Surf Goggles Styles?

Custom Team Colors

Currently we sell 90% black OG Trim surf goggles to the public.  That said, our goal is to save your eyes from the glare, wind, UV rays and surface spray that fry your eyes every session.  We also want you stoked on your Kurtis Eyewear.

So if you really want your Duke, Kaiser Bowls, Makaha or Necker Surf Goggles in Team RED or Team WHITE then we’ll build one specifically for you.  Why?  Cause I’m the owner and I want you STOKED!

So when you’re ready you can contact us directly at (310)498-1994 to place your order by phone or you can order the style you like here at and in the comments section of your order write “Kurtis said TEAM RED or TEAM WHITE.”  I’ll be notified of your order and I’ll personally make sure you’re taken care of with your custom order.  *Please allow 2 weeks for all custom orders.

Limited Edition

So you’ve seen the Bad Ass Checker Flags, the USA Patriot Design or maybe even the Rasta Necker Surf Goggles with Polarized Mutating Lenses.  Now you say, how can I get a pair of these?

You can either become a World Champion like Jesse Richman or Taylor Jensen and I’ll build one for you.  Or you can subscribe for FREE to the No Fried Eyes Club and we’ll update you on the latest and greatest.  Each month we release a new limited edition style of surf goggles.  We sell these until they our sold out.   So order ASAP when we send you the e-mail as our limited edition Surf Goggles have been known to sell out in less than 1 hour.

Bottom line is we’re ready when you are and hope to have you avoiding the glare and shouting No Fried Eyes asap.  You can order at or place your order by phone at (310)498-1994.

How do I get tips from the pros to improve my surfing or kiteboarding?

“Hey kook!”  What are surfers saying behind your back?
I love surfing and I know you do too.  That said, I feel like a kook around pro surfers and pro kiteboarders.  So rather than focusing in on the negative I thought I’d ask some of my coolest friends in the surfing and kiteboarding industry how they do it and get tips on how we can improve our surfing.

The information was so good we had them turned into reports chalk full of gold nuggets.  For example, “If you had to train an average surfer for a contest in 4 weeks and had a million dollars on the line, what would the training look like?”

Bottom line is we want to help protect your eyes from the elements that fry them every surf session and we want you stoked on your Kurtis Eyewear.

We’d also like to offer up these FREE surfing and kiteboarding tips because we care about you and we are always looking for ways to improve at the sport we love.  So grab your FREE Surfing and Kiteboarding Reports HERE

Bottom line is we’ll have you avoiding the glare and shouting “No Fried Eyes” when you are ready at

I have Surfer Fried Eyes and would be happy to take a survey to help save other surfers eyes.

Our number one goal when we launched Kurtis Eyewear, was to educate surfers with our No Fried Eyes message.

It’s sad, but just this week I heard from two surfers that lost an eye while surfing.  One with a paper cut slice that led to severe infection and loss of vision, the other was surfing at Trestles and was hit by another surfer losing his eye instantly.

We’ve also been contacted by 7 surfers with eye cancer (5 of which live in Hawaii) as well as surfers all over the world with pterygiums, cataracts, sarcoidosis and macular degeneration.

Many of you know of my pterygium surgery on my left eye that led to a surgery when I was 23 years old.  I lost 15% vision in that eye, had to undergo radiation treatments and my eye was so dry over the next year it often felt like I had an eye lash stuck in my eye.

All of the above led to the invention, design and launch of Kurtis Eyewear.   All of that said, we would love to hear your story.  We are in the process of capturing as many case studies as possible and this is where we need your help.  Please click on the link below for a brief 4 minute survey.


Our goal is to protect your eyes from the elements that fry them every surf session and enhance vision for all surfers.  Thank you for all your help.

My Credit Card and/ or Paypal doesn’t seem to work?


Sometimes our system is a little sensitive. Most likely your billing address listed doesn’t match the billing address you receive your CC statements via mail.  So please just double check and make sure your billing address is correct as uses your billing address as a verification procedure.
Sometimes the unapproved transaction may be due to the fact that even though you are using VISA or MASTERCARD the bank issuing your CC is not recognized by  We see this in some Australia and European transactions.  The quick solution is to pay via paypal.  Their vast network recognizes many overseas banking institutions.  You do not need a Paypal account to use paypal to pay for your Kurtis Eyewear.

Another solution is to contact us by phone and we can run your CC manually.  Please feel free to reach us directly at (310)498-1994.  Finally we can also send you a direct payment link via paypal.  Contact us directly at and say PLEASE SEND ME A PAYMENT LINK VIA PAYPAL.

Soon you’ll be avoiding the glare and shouting No Fried Eyes with us.

I love Kurtis Eyewear and want to leave a testimonial, help promote or join the Kurtis Team.

I want to personally reach out to you and say THANK YOU for checking out Kurtis USA.

We created Kurtis Eyewear to protect surfers eyes from the harmful glare, wind, surface spray and UV rays that fry our eyes every session.  This led us to create our “No Fried Eyes” movement and to educate as many surfers as possible about the hazards of the sun on the eyes.  Most know about the damage UV Rays can do to the skin, but few know about the horror stories of surfer fried eyes.

Bottom line we are STOKED you’re reaching out to us.  Word of mouth is everything to us and so thank you for reaching out to us with your testimonial and or ambassador request
Please take 3 minutes to tell us more about you so we can answer your needs in detail.


Keep in touch and holler if I can ever be of any help.  And please sign up for our FREE No Fried Eyes Club for the latest and greatest.

Kurtis Shipcott

(310)498-1994 direct

I would like to try on Kurtis Eyewear with my local retailer or demo a pair of Surfing Goggles?

Currently we handcraft all of our surf goggles out of Morro Bay, California USA.  We stopped adding retailers when we went online.  Why?  With only 1 dozen retailers in California, Hawaii and Florida we realized we couldn’t be everywhere unless we focused on our online customers first.  Evan at Jack’s Surfboards Locations we had to supply on consignment.  A really tough model for a small company as it requires a lot of up front cash.  Also Billabong owns Vonzipper, Volcom own Electric and 90% of the others are owned by Luxottica.  Those sku’s give the big guys power and even though we sold well at Jack’s we were never going to dictate space over the big 6.  Plus we believe we can offer better customer service working directly with you over even our best retailers.

That said, we currently ship to every state in the USA plus 45 countries worldwide and go directly to your door.  We have gone with a 100% refund policy (including shipping in USA).  If you get them and out of the box they are not right for you, just return them for a full refund.  We just can’t resell used surf goggles so they must be unused and in new condition.  *See Return Policy at the top of this page.

All Kurtis Surf Goggles offer you face forming technology.  With this we fit 99% of heads and faces.  So bottom line is we are ready when you are and so place your order at .  Occasionally we have demo days in Southern California, Florida and Hawaii.  Check out our FREE  No Fried Eyes Club for the latest and greatest with Kurtis Eyewear.

I have a different question and would like to talk with a Kurtis Eyewear Expert.

Thank you for checking out Kurtis USA, LLC.  Kurtis Surf Goggles are 100% UV, polarized to eliminate glare, flexible for impact safety and they float.  They were designed with all aspects of surfing in mind and they are handcrafted in Morro Bay, California, USA.

I’m happy to answer your questions.
It is our goal to enhance and protect your vision in all surfing conditions.  It is my personal goal to answer your question within 24 hours or less.

I will be in touch soon just please visit our contact page with your questions.  Also please visit our TESTIMONIALS page and see what others say about our eyewear.  Remember our surf goggles are designed by surfers for surfers, with all aspects of surfing in mind, featured in numerous Newspaper, Magazine, TV and web spots worldwide.

No Fried Eyes,
Kurtis Shipcott

Kurtis USA, llc
(310)498-1994 direct