About Kurtis USA – Our Story

Kurtis USA Surf Goggles & Surf Eyewear were developed out of necessity, as I was tired of getting my eyes fried every surf session. The idea for the “Duke” hit me while surfing a decent peaky day at Huntington. It was a glass off session and the glare from the sun was brutal.
I was used to wearing sunglasses out of the water, but I knew hard, sinkable, traditional sunglasses wouldn’t work in the water. After undergoing my own pterygium surgery on my left eye and then hearing from other surfers suffering from pterygiums, cataracts, macular degeneration and eye cancer I focused on finding a solution to Surfer Fried Eyes.  My vision for Kurtis Surf Goggles included a revolutionary design that was unlike anything else on the market.  They were designed with all aspects of surfing in mind (health, function, style).

After years of getting my hands dirty in the garage while going through the inventor process, I finally produced a version that agreed with my original dream. We went from a prototype made of tinfoil, wax and rubber bands to a stylish, polarized, 100% UV, flexible and floatable, kick ass working model.

I then began to host focus groups in California and Hawaii where we were able to improve both style and function. After a few more years spent on R&D, lawyers and patents, the “Duke” design was born. Today, Kurtis USA Surf Goggles are made of the finest materials, worn by surfers all over the globe and are hand crafted in the USA.

The ride since our public launch in September of 2007 has been wild. We are stoked to have met so many surfers and legends of the surf industry such as Bob McKnight, Fernando Aguerre, Corky Carroll, Randy Rarick, Dennis Jarvis, Buttons, Kala, Mel Pu’u, Reid Inouye and Cody Graham who have showed us much aloha and support.

We hope you will enjoy Kurtis USA products and protect your eyes.  Most importantly we hope you will continue to enjoy all that surfing has to offer. Have fun, keep it blue and thank you for checking out Kurtis USA.

No Fried Eyes & No Fried Earth.

Kurtis Shipcott

Kurtis USA, LLC