“No Fried Eyes for Kitesurfers” -The “Necker Surf Goggles” by KURTIS USA are the world’s first Surf Goggles designed specifically for kitesurfing and it’s patented design offers revolutionary change in function, safety and style.

Morro Bay, CA February 25th, 2010 – KURTIS USA, announces the launch of the “Necker Surf Goggles” designed to help kitesurfers avoid glare, wind, surface spray and to protect their eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun with style, safety and trade secret technology.

The Necker Limited Edition Surf Goggles – a name inspired by Sir Richard Branson’s magical island located in the British Virgin Islands– are flexible, polarized, 100% UVA/UVB, float and are handcrafted in the USA.  Designed for kitesurfing and created with all aspects of kitesurfing in mind the Necker Surf Goggles are the answer for squinting kiteboarders everywhere.  These kite specific surf goggles join KURTIS flagship models, the Duke, Kaiser Bowls and Makaha’s that were launched specifically for surfing in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The inspiration for the Kite specific Surf Goggles came from pro kitesurfer Jeremy Lund and KURTIS inventor and founder Kurtis Shipcott who conducted focus groups and gathered feedback from Kitesurfers currently using various styles of eyewear including Kurtis Surf Goggles.  “We launched Kurtis USA with the goal of saving surfers eyes.  Although our flagship models were designed specifically for wave surfers we began to see a large influx of wakeboarders, SUP, PWC and kitesurfers that purchased Kurtis Surf Goggles because of the lack of safe, stylish and functional eye protection for their sport specific needs.  We have heard from kitesurfers that spoke about sunglasses that lenses popped out on impact, rigid frames that fractured nose bridges on impact, loss of valuable glasses because they sink and overall lack of safety, peripheral vision and clarity for kitesurfing.  We then got busy in the lab designing our kite specific eyewear to address these needs and Jeremy Lund put them to the test in his races, free sessions and contests..” Kurtis USA, LLC has heard from surfers and water athletes that suffer from pterygiums, cataracts, macular degeneration and in the worst cases eye cancer.  “Solving the fried eyes problem for all action water athletes is our goal.”

John Hovanesian, M.D. an eye surgeon with Harvard Eye Associates in San Clemente California says, “for a long time we (eye doctors) have been trying to get surfers to wear sun protection, but nobody has designed a pair of sunglasses that they can live with.  It is a great relief to finally see that Kurtis Surf Goggles offers the protection we want and the flexibility they want.”

The Necker Surf Goggles will be unveiled at the BVI Kite Jam held March 1-5th on beautiful Necker Island, Anegada, Moskito and Virgin Gorda in the BVI.  Kurtis USA, LLC has partnered with Sir. Richard Branson as the official eyewear sponsor for the BVI Kite Jam.  The media and pro Kitesurfers are invited for a special product preview and demo at the this event.  For a sneak peek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i1t0jdUdJo

The Necker Surf Goggles will be available for purchase on March 8th along with the Duke, Kaiser Bowls and Makaha Surf Goggles at core surf and kitesurfing shops as well as online at www.KurtisUSA.com for $199.00, which includes the Necker Surf Goggles, Melon Strap head strap, Quick Rlease Money Leash neck attachment, a high quality lens cloth, tips guide and convenient well ventilated KURTIS storage container.


KURTIS USA is a surfer-owned company based in Morro Bay, California that is dedicated to providing high quality surf goggles to core male and female action water sports athletes around the world.  KURTIS manufactures it’s handcrafted surf goggles in Morro Bay, California, USA.  To learn more about Kurtis USA, please visit www.KurtisUSA.com or for media enquiries contact Kurtis Shipcott at (310)498-1994.